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Artist:Entrepreneur Day returns with special online edition

By | Published on Wednesday 15 July 2020

Artist:Entrepreneur Day

The Artist:Entrepreneur Day from the Featured Artists Coalition and CMU:DIY is returning thanks to support from Help Musicians. Taking place online on Saturday 1 Aug, artist entrepreneurs Emma McGann, Kimberly Anne and Roxanne de Bastion will each open up their respective artist businesses, explaining how they have built an audience, generated revenue and entered into business partnerships around their music.

This edition will be split into three sections, looking at how to protect and monetise songs and recordings, how to build and engage a fanbase online, and what role different business partners play in an artist’s career. Each section will kick off with a short A:E Guide from CMU’s Chris Cooke. The artist entrepreneurs will then talk through their experiences, before being joined by a team of industry experts offering timely insights and practical tips.

The middle section – ‘Building And Connecting With A Fanbase’ – will also look at the ways each of the host artists has been able to utilise and strengthen their respective direct-to-fan relationships during the COVID-19 lockdown. What platforms have they used, what projects have they pursued, and what did they learn along the way?

Thanks to the support from Help Musicians, tickets for this edition of the Artist:Entrepreneur Day will be free, allowing all early-career artists navigating the extra challenges caused by the COVID-19 shutdown to access ideas and advice aplenty, from their peers in the artist community, and from experts working across the wider music industry.

Details of the other speakers taking part will be announced next week. Meanwhile find out more about this edition of A:E Day and book your tickets here.