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Asda withdraws six Alex James cheeses

By | Published on Tuesday 3 July 2012

Alex James

A number of “exotic” cheeses launched by fast food fanatic Alex James with Asda have been withdrawn because, it turns out, they were just too exotic for the Great British Public (aka they tasted horrible).

Six of nine Alex James cheeses have been withdrawn by the supermarket, according to the Daily Star, including cheddar with salad cream, ketchup, tomato and tikka masala. Though sweet chilli and spring onion varieties are still on sale, so all is not lost. An Asda spokeswoman told reporters: “Clearly some of them were ahead of their time”.

In related news, James’ band Blur unveiled two new tracks yesterday and, to the best of our knowledge, neither has been withdrawn from sale yet. So you could go check them out. Or watch this video of Alex doing a cheese-based meet and greet at the world’s biggest Asda.