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Aurora announces new album, A Different Kind Of Human

By | Published on Monday 8 April 2019


Aurora has announced that she will release her third album, ‘A Different Kind Of Human (Step II)’, in June.

The recording of last record ‘Infections Of A Different Kind (Step I)’, she says, “was very elaborate – the location [a French chateau] was huge and beautiful and dreamy, I was far away and you can hear it. For this record I wanted to make it in a very tiny room with a purple floor and dark blue walls, and it was just me and my drummers”.

“People say ‘live like you don’t care’ or ‘party like you don’t care’, but I like to care”, she goes on. “I think people do, too, now more than ever, for example when Trump was elected people became more involved politically because they were frustrated. It’s a time of open ears and open eyes. The music is supposed to be fuel. Not against people but for the fire inside us”.

The album is out on 7 Jun. Listen to new single, ‘The Seed’, here: