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Australian collecting society APRA/AMCOS announces Facebook licensing deal

By | Published on Wednesday 15 August 2018


Is anyone still keeping count as the various Facebook licensing deals finally fall into place? If so, you need to add Australian song rights collecting society APRA/AMCOS to your list.

Why not highlight it in blue? No reason. You could use pink. Whatever. Just because Facebook’s branding is all blue, don’t ever think you’re constrained as to what highlighter pens you can use when annotating your own personal list of Facebook licensees. I just happen to highlight all the collecting societies in blue. But that’s just me. I’m a traditionalist. You’re welcome to employ whatever crazy colour coding system you want. Just don’t use green. Never use green.

“We are delighted to be working with Facebook to ensure the creative content of our members and affiliates that is used on the platform is fairly remunerated”, says APRA/AMCOS CEO Dean Ormston. “This is a landmark deal not just for songwriters, composers and music publishers, it also provides the Australian and New Zealand public with peace of mind that music rights holders will be compensated for the use of their works on Facebook”.

At last! The people of Australia and New Zealand can now sleep soundly at night knowing that Bruno Mars got paid for that clip featuring one of his songs on the Australian Facebooks. Because if you’ve ever wondered why everyone you’ve ever met from Australia and New Zealand has seemed constantly tired for years now, well now you know what’s been causing their insomnia.

Unless they were being kept awake at night stressing over what colour scheme to use on their personal list of Facebook licensees. Well, I can help with that too. For collecting societies, it’s blue.