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Avicii and Deadmau5 spend more time than they should caring about Noel Gallagher’s opinion

By | Published on Thursday 30 July 2015

Noel Gallagher

Avicii and Deadmau5 have taken the bait after being mocked by Noel Gallagher. Although Avicii did call him a “silly sausage”, so it’s OK.

Gallagher recently dismissed EDM acts headlining festivals in an interview with the NME ahead of his performance at T In The Park, saying: “I don’t know anything about Avicii, I don’t wish to know anything about Avicii. It sounds like a fucking artist from the renaissance period. Is it like that David Guetta nonsense? Is that the night after me or the night before me? The night before me? Alright, I can save it after that, don’t worry about that”.

He then introduced himself at the festival as “Deadmau5 without the stupid fucking hat”.

Responding via the Instantgram, like the kids do nowadays, Avicii said: “Sounds like you’re playing the wrong festival if you’re at the same time dissing its entire audiences music taste you silly sausage!”

He added: “What is really ‘sad’ is hearing a old time musician like yourself confessing so bluntly and openly to not having an open mind to new music by dissing shit you haven’t even heard. I really didn’t think someone whose whole image is being witty would turn all stereotype ‘bitter ol timer rocker’ like that”.

If Avicii didn’t realise Gallagher’s “bitter ol time rocker” routine is pretty much central to his whole being witty thing, then I think the producer possibly knows as much about the former Oasis guitarist as the former Oasis guitarist knows about him. But still, he offered to give Gallagher a preview of his new album and invited “honest feedback”.

Deadmau5 initially responded with a short video describing himself as “Noel Gallagher without the stupid accent”.

Then, having thought about it, he decided that he agreed with Gallagher’s comments about EDM, although assumed quite a lot in the process. He published a blog post on Tumblr yesterday, accusing some artists of “fucking up EDM” by turning up to shows and just playing a CD of their music.

He wrote: “Would it fucking kill you to be able to add some sort of modularity, performance, showmanship BEYOND putting a fist in the air, telling people to make noise, and or playing the top line on an invisible keyboard in the air to show the crowd “HEY! EVERYONE! THIS LEAD GOES HERE! WATCH MY HAND. IT GOES DOOT DOOT DOOT DOOT”.

“I think this hits the core of what Noel Gallagher was hinting at”, he concluded. “Not EDM in general”.

I think you underestimate Noel Gallagher’s ability to generalise, sir.