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Avicii endorses NJOY e-cigarettes for American squirrels and naked Europeans

By | Published on Tuesday 7 January 2014


I don’t watch a lot of TV, so I’m not sure how long this has been going on, but it was weird to see cigarette advertising on the telly again over the Christmas break. Of course, now that we live in the future, the adverts are for those tobacco-less e-cigarettes, so there are no laws being broken. You may rest easy.

Also, while you wouldn’t see any popstars lending their names to Marlboro for fear of what it might do to their reputation, it seems that electronic fags are fair game. So, following Bruno Mars’ investment in the NJOY brand last year, Avicii has now endorsed the company’s battery-powered nicotine inhalers too.

The producer has allowed his track ‘Hey Brother’ to be used in a new TV ad for NJOY’s ‘Friends Don’t Let Friends Smoke’ campaign, which tries to convince people that e-cigarettes are super healthy and will help you run around and get into bar fights and stuff. Well, that seems to be the message of the advert, anyway.

Avicii also took to Facebook to promote the campaign, saying: “Watch this amazing Hey Brother sync to a venture that is becoming very dear to my and Ash’s hearts #FriendsDontLetFriendsSmoke”.

Ash is his manager, by the way. Not the waste product from his cigarettes. Although many commenters did point out that Avicii is known to be a fairly heavy smoker. Whether NJOY (or Ash) has convinced him to stop isn’t clear. And, to be honest, I don’t really care either way.

Anyway, here is the advert. I’ll let you choose between the US version of the advert and the “European version”, which is the same except that it features a naked man at the beginning, instead of one dressed as a squirrel. Obviously.