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Ayda Field calls Robbie Williams’ plans to fight Liam Gallagher “embarrassing”

By | Published on Tuesday 26 November 2019

Robbie WIlliams

Robbie Williams seems to have spent most interviews about his new Christmas album getting into the festive spirit by talking about how he wants to fight Liam Gallagher. There’s nothing more festive than fighting, is there? But it’s all off now, because his wife Ayda Field has told him it’s embarrassing and he should stop it.

Williams’ hopes of a boxing match with Gallagher date back to the 2000 BRIT Awards, where he laid down the challenge while picking up the prize for Best Video. The idea came up again last month in an interview with GQ, where Williams spoke about not being a man to let a grudge lie.

“I’d love it”, he said. “But I’d want it to be a professional fight … It’s got to be fucking whistles and bells if it happens. Yeah, Liam and I would be a wonderful thing”.

Since that interview he’s spoken about it all several more times, including on ITV’s ‘Jonathan Ross Show’, where he said that he’d gone so far as to approach boxing promoter Eddie Hearn about staging the fight (which, it’s probably worth noting, Liam Gallagher has not agreed to or even commented on publicly).

But now it looks like the whole plan is off because Ayda Field thinks all this needless dick-swinging is “embarrassing”. That, if nothing else, seems like the sort of bickering that is more in-keeping with Christmas.

However, rather than telling him that privately over their festive lunch next month, as tradition would dictate, she’s used the first episode of the couple’s new podcast, ‘At Home With The Williamses’, to give her other half a stern talking to. Five episodes of this podcast will arrive in the run up to Christmas, by the way.

“I think it is embarrassing”, she says. “You are 45, man. You’re going to go in a ring and smack each other? It’s just lame”.

Is that where she stops? No, she continues: “First of all, neither one of you are at your top, peak form. You are not in your 20s, I hate to break it to you. You are both peppered at this point. Your back’s going to go out, your knees are going to buckle. I am going to have to bring you back from the dead after this. I don’t understand it”.

Sensing that her husband still isn’t entirely won around by the argument, she adds that she will “knock the hate out” of Williams – metaphorically, I think, rather than suggesting she take Gallagher’s place in the ring – “to the point where you might even send Liam Gallagher a Christmas card”.

Well, that would be a nice turnaround. Although if Williams does send that card, it remains to be seen what he writes in it. Liam can put it next to the one from Noel’s management team.