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Bandcamp launches artist subscription option with Candy Says

By | Published on Thursday 16 October 2014

Candy Says

CMU Approved indie pop duo Candy Says have become the first act to make use of Bandcamp’s new subscription option. Fans are now able to pay £20 per year to receive all of the band’s releases, plus exclusive subscriber-only content.

In a blog post announcing the news, the duo said that in the past they’ve shied away from crowdfunding because “the ‘pledge’ always seems like an expensive pre-order, and the band gets more out of it than the pledger … And as a band, once you’ve run a campaign like that you’ve exhausted the goodwill of your audience and you’re back at square one – you have to run another one if you want to make another record”.

But this feels different they said, continuing: “We would subscribe to our favourite bands if we could. We would happily send them a bit of money once a year, knowing that they would make music we love and send it to us. So that’s what we’re doing with Bandcamp”.

Find out more and subscribe to Candy Says for £20 a year here.