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BandLab backs Human Artistry Campaign

By | Published on Wednesday 9 August 2023

Music-making platform BandLab has backed the music industry’s Human Artistry Campaign, which sets out a number of principles and objectives for the evolution and regulation of generative AI.

It’s the first company that provides music creation tools – some employing AI – to sign up to the campaign, which launched at South By South West earlier this year.

Although spearheaded by the US music industry, organisations representing artists, songwriters, managers, labels and publishers all over the world, as well as groups working with creators beyond music, are supporting the initiative.

BandLab’s support was confirmed by its co-founder and CEO Meng Ru Kuok during a presentation at the Ai4 conference in Las Vegas yesterday.

“By becoming the first music creation platform to support the Human Artistry Campaign, we emphasise our commitment to ethical AI practices and ensuring that technology enriches the music industry and empowers new creators rather than making new barriers for them”, he told the event.

“BandLab is excited to be at the forefront of this movement”, he went on. “Together, we can all forge a future where AI empowers musicians without compromising the essence of human artistry”.

Welcoming BandLab’s support, Dr Moiya McTier, as a spokesperson for the Human Artistry Campaign, said: “The Human Artistry Campaign champions a future where art and technology reinforce one another and new innovations empower creators”.

“We applaud BandLab Technologies’ leadership”, she added, “and look forward to additional companies committing to responsible AI practices that respect artists’ rights, names, images, likenesses, voices and individuality”.