BandPage announces deals with Vevo and Xbox Music

By | Published on Friday 9 August 2013


US-based fan engagement set-up BandPage has announced it has new agreements in place with Vevo and Xbox Music, which will allow artists with BandPage profiles to integrate information and sell-through from it with their presence on the two streaming platforms.

BandPage founder J Sidler told Billboard: “As these platforms grow and become places where fans interact with musicians, they’re taking a step toward empowering musicians. When fans are on these platforms, they are already leaning forward, listening to your music. They’re not just scrolling through a bunch of different types of content. The potential for conversion becomes much higher. At the same time, fans are also getting a richer experience. These are the first steps of what we hope will become much bigger partnerships”.

The deals mean that artists will be able to more easily keep information on Vevo and Xbox Music up to date, and to push merchandise sales through the video sites.