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Bandsintown partners with navigation app Waze

By | Published on Tuesday 11 February 2020


Gig recommendations service Bandsintown has announced a new partnership with Google-owned navigation app Waze, so that you can automatically find the quickest route to drive to concerts.

“We want to bring people together via live music”, says Bandsintown Managing Partner Fabrice Sergent. “Bandsintown sends millions of fans to concerts and adding Waze to the Bandsintown experience adds another technology layer to make [things] smoother”.

After a customer purchases tickets on Bandsintown, the confirmation page will feature a ‘Plan Trip In Waze’ button, in order to schedule your gig-going journey within the Waze app. So that’s nice, if you’re driving to gigs, which you probably shouldn’t be.

“We always want to make sure drivers reach their destination in the quickest and safest way possible”, adds Adam Fried, Head Of Global Partnerships at Waze. “Partnering with Bandsintown through our Transport SDK will make it easy for concert-goers to arrive at their destination on time – spending more time enjoying their favourite band and less time worrying about issues on the road”.

I haven’t seen the research that suggests people who don’t use Waze arrive at venues after the headliner is already on stage, all stressed out by pesky road issues, but apparently that’s what they’re suggesting the issue is here. I guess they had to find a way to make ‘we put a button on a website’ sound more exciting.

This isn’t Waze’s first music partnership. It also allows you to control streaming services, including Spotify, Deezer and Tidal, directly within the app’s navigation screen. So that’s something to try out, before you realise Waze isn’t actually as useful as it first appears and the constant ads trying to get you to turn off and eat fast food are rather annoying.