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Barbershop quartet sign to Sony Music

By | Published on Thursday 7 October 2010

With no more fishermen, priests or plumbers left to sign (actually, ignore that last one), the time has come to create novelty vocal groups whose defining characteristic is not what they do for a living. Sony Music’s recently reborn Arista UK label has signed barbershop quartet The Great British Barbershop Boys to one of those meaningless “£1 million record deal” things.

Okay, there’s still a nod to good honest employment in there, but none of them actually cut hair, so I’m still right. One works for the police, one is a teacher, one is a sign writer and the other is an IT project manager. So now you know.

The group were spotted at the International Barbershop Convention in Philadelphia (of course) earlier this year and snapped up for an album release. It’ll be out in time for Christmas, which is lucky because it exclusively features Christmas songs and is called ‘Christmas Time’.

Arista’s General Manager Richard Connell had this to say: “The barbershop quartet really is the origin of what we know today as the ‘boyband’. It’s a wonderful tradition, rich in rules and regulations but above all hugely encouraging of creativity and collaboration. Communities literally come together around their local quartet where lifelong bonds of friendship and loyalty are formed”.

‘Christmas Time’ will be released on 6 Dec.