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Barlow and Lloyd-Webber collaborating again

By | Published on Tuesday 10 July 2012

Andrew Lloyd Webber

Gary Barlow is writing another song with Andrew Lloyd-Webber, having had such a great time working on that God-awful Jubilee single ‘Sing’.

According to The Sun, Lloyd-Webber has revealed: “I am writing with Gary Barlow again. I’ve come up with the tune this time and he’s already emailed me with lyrics this morning. It hasn’t got a title yet. Gary’s going to be down in Majorca this summer and so will I, so we’ll get together and something will come out of it”.

So, Barlow and Lloyd-Webber want to bother the charts again together. Isn’t this the sort of thing the European Union was created to prevent? I mean, let’s remember what happened when Lloyd-Webber teamed up with Timmy Mallet to have a go at pop music (or was that an urban myth, I can never remember):