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Barlow and Lloyd Webber to pen song for Queen’s jubilee

By | Published on Monday 27 February 2012

Gary Barlow

Gary Barlow and Andrew Lloyd Webber are going to write a song together especially for the Queen on her Diamond Jubilee. Lucky Queen – imagine that, the genius minds of Barlow and Lloyd Webber combined for one magnificent majestic musical tribute. I bet even Liz is regretting having a Diamond Jubilee now.

Barlow plans to tour the Commonwealth for inspiration, which sounds like a real challenge. He’ll be followed by BBC cameras on the jolly, which makes me suspect that licence fee payers might be covering the cost of this little holiday for the Take That-er.

You’d think Barlow himself could pay, given all the extra cash his promoters made by secretly selling half his group’s tour tickets on the secondary market at hiked up prices. Perhaps Barlow’s signed up to this world tour project to get away from all those angry ripped off British fans. Though, of course, I’m sure none of the Take That boys sanctioned their fans being ripped off. No, that could never happen.

Anyway, this new Barlow Lloyd Webber song – “the biggest challenge I’ve ever taken on musically” says Gary, “it’s a huge honour” adds Andy – will be premiered at that special Jubilee Concert Barlow is staging outside Buck House on 4 Jun. Which is yet another reason to find an excuse to be out of the country that weekend.