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BASCA CEO stands down

By | Published on Monday 17 December 2018

Vick Bain

BASCA has announced that its CEO Vick Bain is stepping down. She joined the organisation for UK songwriters and composers thirteen years ago, becoming CEO in 2012. In that role she led a range of lobbying, funding, educational and diversity projects, as well as heading up the organisation’s various award events, including The Ivors.

Bain’s decision to stand down follows a period of serious ill-health earlier this year, from which she has now fully recovered. She says that, since her recovery, she has decided now is the right time to depart the organisation and pursue new ambitions.

Under Bain’s leadership, BASCA implemented an extensive restructure and new governance procedures, which proved controversial but were nevertheless voted through by the organisation’s membership. BASCA has also recently more closely allied with the MU, FAC, MPG and MMF to create the Council Of Music Makers, so that artists, songwriters and producers can present a more coordinated position on key industry and copyright debates.

Confirming her departure, Bain said this morning: “I have endured a difficult year, overcoming breast cancer and other related conditions. I have now officially received the all-clear and am feeling fighting fit, but after experiencing a life-threatening condition and reviewing my priorities I feel the time is right to hand-over the reins to someone else and focus on other ambitions, of which I have many”.

She added: “It has been a great honour to serve and lead BASCA for so long and I wish the organisation, our fantastic members, and my wonderful colleagues all the very best for the future”.