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Baseball team cancels Diplo show follow sexual assault claim

By | Published on Monday 12 July 2021


The Baltimore Orioles baseball team has cancelled an upcoming post-game performance by Diplo, following an accusation of sexual assault against the musician.

In a statement posted on social media last week, the team said: “The Orioles will not hold the upcoming postgame performance on 24 Jul at Oriole Park at Camden Yards. Fans who purchased field passes with game tickets to the Diplo concert on 24 Jul will receive a refund”.

No reason for the cancellation was given, although the move came soon after the publication of a letter in local newspaper the Baltimore Sun, criticising the team for planning to go ahead with the concert.

“If the Orioles are such a family-friendly team, and truly care about women, they need to separate themselves from Diplo and stand up and cancel this post-game concert”, said the letter.

The allegations against Diplo came to light earlier this month, when he was sued by a woman who says that he forced her to give him oral sex in his dressing room after a show in Las Vegas in 2019. She also says that he filmed the encounter without her consent.

In a statement to TMZ, Diplo’s attorney Bryan Freedman said: “This complaint is completely outrageous, wildly untrue and yet also entirely predictable, given that it simply repeats the exact same claim already made by the plaintiff’s friend Shelly Auguste, an individual who has been harassing [Diplo] and his family for more than a year and already has repeatedly violated the restraining order issued against her”.

“We have irrefutable evidence that this is a completely meritless claim and we will be providing it to a court as quickly as we possibly can to put an end to this shakedown by Ms Auguste and her accomplices once and for all”, he added.