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Bastille announce new album, Give Me The Future

By | Published on Wednesday 20 October 2021


Bastille have announced that they will release their fourth album, ‘Give Me The Future’, next year. New single, ‘No Bad Days’, is out now.

The concept behind the record is life in an age of rapidly-changing new technology, and how sometimes it can feel like we’re all living in science fiction. The idea was born pre-pandemic, but took on a different life as songwriter Dan Smith put it together during lockdown.

“Working on these songs in such an apocalyptic period, with everyone stuck at home, glued to screens, fed into the feeling that what is real and what is not has become pretty difficult to discern sometimes”, he says. “We’re in the age of deep fake, fake news and lying world leaders. But online, you can be anyone. What that does to our sense of self and to our relationships is huge and it’s fascinating”.

“I’m just observing the truly weird times we’re living in and having fun responding to it through these songs”, he goes on. “As the final track – ‘Who Knows What the Future Holds… Don’t Matter If I Got You’ – says, this is happening, whether we like it or not. Finding happiness in the moment is surely the aim, whether it’s in the real or virtual world”.

For the album, the band pulled in several collaborators, including songwriters Ryan Tedder and Rami Yacoub. Riz Ahmed also delivers a spoken word piece, called ‘Promises’.

You can watch the video for new single ‘No Bad Days’, which was co-directed by Smith, here: