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Bauer brings The Hits back to local digital radio networks

By | Published on Wednesday 30 August 2017

Bauer Media
Do you remember how, in 2015, Bauer Media took its The Hits radio station off the local DAB digital networks, instead using those DAB slots to launch ‘channel 3’ versions of its regional radio brands?

It meant we got stations like Radio City 3 in Liverpool, accompanying Bauer’s other local stations in Merseyside, Radio City 1 and Radio City 2. The ‘two’ branded versions of Bauer’s local stations were aimed at an older audience, while the ‘three’ branded versions were skewed towards younger listeners.

Well, forget I explained all that, because the ‘channel three’ stations are being shut down so that The Hits can return to the DAB network.

Why? Well, explains Bauer’s Graham Bryce to RadioToday: “We’re constantly evolving our business – this change allows us to reflect the needs of our audience and remain competitive, delivering outstanding, engaging and relevant content as a single stream across the UK”.

Yeah, whatever you say Graham. It means that from this coming Friday the following stations will go in favour of The Hits brand: Clyde 3 in Glasgow, Forth 3 in Edinburgh, Hallam 3 in Sheffield, Key 3 in Manchester, Metro 3 in Newcastle, MFR 3 in Inverness, Aire 3 in Leeds, City 3 in Liverpool, Rock FM 3 in Preston, Tay 3 in Dundee, TFM 3 in Durham and Viking 3 in Hull.