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Bauer Media launches new radio app Rayo

By | Published on Thursday 23 March 2023


Bauer Media has launched a new radio app called Rayo, which it insists “re-invents radio for an online, on-demand environment” and has “human spirit and soul at its heart”.

Launched today via iOS and Android apps – with a web-based player set to become available later this year – Rayo will be loaded with all of Bauer’s audio content. That’s a lot of content. Fear not though, because it will also “combat content overload by connecting listeners with unmissable audio content that matches every mood and moment”.

And who doesn’t want to be connected with unmissable audio content? Also, the app is extra fun because saying its name makes you sound like you’re drunkenly trying to say the word ‘radio’. Or like you’re doing a Scooby Doo impression. Either way – fun!

“Rayo is a step-change for Bauer Media Audio, allowing us to super-charge innovation and to compete in an increasingly global landscape”, says Richard Dawkins, President Of Audio at Bauer Media Group.

“Through the power of audio and with human spirit and soul running right through it, Rayo will provide the entertainment, essential information and human connection that people need to make their day brighter”, he adds. “Listeners will experience fresh and engaging content with new and familiar voices each time they say hello to Rayo”.

So great. But what about the advertisers? Is anyone thinking about their needs? Don’t worry, they’re getting cut in to all the excitement too. There’ll be plenty of scope for “bespoke sponsorship and content partnerships”, as well as good old, straight up advertising.