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BBC commissions Take That 30th anniversary special

By | Published on Monday 1 October 2018

Take That

The BBC has commissioned a new one-off special to mark the 30th anniversary of Take That. That being something the band are currently celebrating hard, even though at best it’s not until next year and really 2020 would make more sense for such celebrations. Whatever, the show’s going to be broadcast later this year.

Titled ‘Take That And Us’, the programme is being put together by independent company Indigo Television. It will combine fan-submitted stories, new interviews with the band, as well as old and new behind-the-scenes footage.

“Has it really been 30 years?” ask the band, even though we already established it hasn’t really. “There’s only one way to find out we said, as we accepted the offer of taking a closer look at our three decades in music. We’ve handed over our own personal camcorders from the 90s, we’ve asked fans to share their stories from over the years and we’re bringing the story up to date by sharing some behind the scenes from our lives today as we prepare for the launch of our greatest hits record”.

So that sounds like fun, doesn’t it? But where are they sourcing all of these fan stories from? Well, I’m glad you asked. There’s a website where you can upload videos of yourself recalling your best Take That tales, which might then be used in the show. I’m going to send in one about the time my sister won tickets to see them perform at a festival from a local radio station. Except it wasn’t a festival, it was more a truck trade fair. And they weren’t really performing. They just chatted incoherently for fifteen minutes and then we went home.