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BBC launches celebrity Sounds mixes for broadcaster’s centenary

By | Published on Monday 24 January 2022

BBC Sounds

As part of the BBC’s centenary celebrations, the BBC Sounds app is hosting a new series of mixes put together by “some of the nation’s best loved figures”. These include Stephen Fry, Jodie Whittaker, Russell T Davies and Louis Theroux.

Live now are playlists from Theroux, Martin Freeman, Alex Scott and Stacey Dooley. A new mix will be added to the series every fortnight for the rest of the year, with the broadcaster’s actual hundredth birthday occurring in October or November (depending on whether you want to celebrate its incorporation or its first broadcasts).

“For My Sounds mix, I’m sharing some of my favourite tracks and the music that makes me feel very, very happy”, says Theroux. “I hope it makes you feel happy as well. Happy Birthday BBC!”

Scott says of her mix: “As part of the BBC’s 100th birthday celebrations, I’m going to share the songs that take me away from it all and make me feel relaxed, and allow me to go to a place where I’m thinking about something totally different”.

Freeman says: “I’m sharing the music that makes me smile. Not all of it is happy music, but it makes me feel happy all the same. Music to me is like an anaesthetic and it goes with me everywhere. It makes everything OK”.

And Dooley says: “To celebrate the BBC’s 100th birthday, I’ve put together this mix for My Sounds to share some of my all-time favourite tracks and the songs that make me smile”.

So, lots of smiling to be had, apparently. They’ve obviously not heard about the BBC funding cuts. Anyway, if that’s your sort of thing, tune in now via, of course, BBC Sounds.