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BBC orders more Friday night sounds

By | Published on Monday 11 December 2017

Sounds Like Friday Night

Possibly motivated by the official CMU critique “not quite as God awful as we expected”, the BBC has announced it is ordering a second series of ‘Sounds Like Friday Night’, the broadcaster’s new prime time telly show that puts the focus very much on music. Mainly talking about music it often seemed, but they did remember to let some pop stars sing their songs in amongst the waffle.

“‘Sounds Like Friday Night’ has brought an incredible range of artists to the heart of the BBC One schedule”, declared the Corporation’s music boss Bobby Shennan, sounding a bit like Friday night himself, in that he said it on Friday. “We are hugely excited to recommission it for a second series”.

Meanwhile BBC Music’s commissioning chief Jan Younghusband said: “We are so delighted to continue this great new music series in spring 2018, bringing exciting new and established talent to our audience”.

‘Sounds Like Friday Night’ is a bought-in show for the BBC, of course, made by independent production company Fulwell 73. They are also delighted about the second series. “We’re so delighted to be bringing the show back in April”, said the company’s Gabe Turner, confirming all the delight.

“As passionate music fans, the chance to put music back on prime time terrestrial television has been an honour”, Turner added. “We’ve been blown away by the support of the industry and will continue to work as hard as we can to deliver a show that showcases some of the great music in the UK and the rest of the world”.

Although a spring series of ‘Sounds Like Friday Night’ is now confirmed, there’ll be no ‘Sounds Like Christmas Day’ special edition, with the BBC instead digging up the corpse of ‘Top Of The Pops’ for another festive outing. Though without Reggie Yates, of course.

Clara Amfo will be helping Fearne Cotton prop up the ‘TOTP’ cadaver on Christmas Day, instead of Yates. Providing she can go a whole fortnight without popping up on a podcast and uttering a racial slur. Which I’m sure she can. After all, Amfo’s a pro! Though she’s welcome to guest on next week’s ‘Setlist’ if she wants a stab at it.