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BBC sells Adele special to thirteen other countries

By | Published on Thursday 19 November 2015


Taking time off from single-handedly saving the British music industry, Adele has now stepped in to rescue the BBC from its impending doom at the hands of the terrible Tories. She’s even agreed to work with Graham Norton to make this happen, such is her commitment to pulling the UK creative industries out of the shit soup they’ve got themselves into.

Which is to say, the Beeb has flogged tomorrow’s Graham Norton-hosted and BBC1-aired ‘Adele – Live At The BBC’ show to broadcasters in thirteen other countries. The programme, Adele’s first TV performance in two years, will feature previous hits and songs from new record ’25’, and is being repackaged as ‘Adele – Live In London’ for telly networks in France, Spain, Canada, Italy and nine other countries.

Music man at the Corporation’s commercial division BBC Worldwide, Salim Mukaddam, is obviously “thrilled” by the Adele venture. “We’re thrilled to be able to work with Adele and the BBC to bring this extraordinary piece of prime time television to a global audience”, he said.

BBC Worldwide profits help fund the BBC itself, of course, and the Adele show licensing deals were confirmed just at the Corporation was announcing all the stuff it will have to axe in a bid to meet the budget cuts forced on it by the licence-fee-hating Conservative government. But if only Adele could be persuaded to do a telly special three times a month, all those popular BBC services could be saved. Come on Adele, do it for the red button.