Beady Eye make LP title from band initials

By | Published on Thursday 11 April 2013

Beady Eye

Beady Eye are releasing a new disc titled ‘BE’, a collaboration with TV On The Radio’s Dave Sitek, on 10 Jun.

The band made the LP, Liam G says, with “clear heads” and “none of that crap from the 90s”, so that’s nice. “Working with Sitek just opened something up in us” he adds. “He’s without a doubt the best producer I’ve ever worked with, a real outlaw – he doesn’t give a fuck, no rules”.

And: “We had a new found focus when we were writing it. It feels like a really special record for us”.

LG has shared a ‘BE’ tracklisting via Twitter, and all, and this is it:

Flick Of The Finger
Soul Love
Face The Crowd
Second Bite Of The Apple
Soon Come Tomorrow
Iz Rite
I’m Just Saying
Don’t Brother Me
Shine A Light

Play that first track, ‘Flick Of The Finger’, here: