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Beatport launches localised version for the Netherlands

By | Published on Friday 29 January 2016


Those with super good memories might remember that time in 2011 when Deezer announced plans to expand its operations into “over 200 countries”, which was ambitious, given the world has 196 countries (and even if you add in disputed territories, it’s hard to get above 200).

It turns out that Deezer simply wasn’t ambitious enough. Not compared to the EDM kids over at Beatport, whose store has apparently “operated in over 220 countries, including the Netherlands, for years”. Perhaps it’s that kind of maths that got parent company SFX into the mess it is currently in.

Anyway, the Netherlands didn’t get its little namecheck there, in and amongst the 220 “countries” of Earth, just because it’s the mecca of modern dance music. Though that is presumably why the Dutch are getting their own local version of Beatport, in their language and with localised content. Which is what Team Beatport announced yesterday.

“The Netherlands, and Amsterdam in particular, is a massively influential market with a rich and diverse history in the world of electronic music”, notes Beatport boss Greg Consiglio. “Many of the most popular DJs, festivals, and labels are based here, and the fans here are some of the most dedicated in the world. So it was an easy decision for us to launch our first localised expansion of Beatport here”.

Meanwhile the MD of Beatport Netherlands, Joost Geurts, reckons that: “Localising services to a specific market increases traffic, engagement, and trust. Not only can local labels and artists now better reach their hometown fans, but labels and artists from other regions interested in reaching Dutch music fans now also have a platform to do so in a more direct and meaningful way”.

And you can’t argue with that, however many countries there may or may not be.