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Beatport launches mental health report for electronic artists

By | Published on Tuesday 13 July 2021


Dance music platform Beatport has published a new report on mental health and electronic music. ‘Music Connects Us: Mental Health & Electronic Music’ features contributions from artists and mental health experts, and aims to highlight the needs of artists following the pandemic.

“These are trying times for our industry”, says Beatport CEO Robb McDaniels. “Now more than ever taking care of ourselves – our minds, our wellbeing and the wellbeing of others – is truly vital. Mental health has been one of the most talked about topics in our industry for years, and this is a global topic that should continue to be discussed and destigmatised. Everyone at Beatport takes this topic very seriously and will continue to bring visibility to it”.

One of the contributors to the report, Ari Peralta of research consultancy Arigami, also stresses how music itself has a role to play in improving and safeguarding each person’s mental health.

“Electronic music is a great supporter in setting the right mood for coping tools and can be viewed as ‘functional sound enhancement'”, he says. “While meditation is a great practice, not everyone has the same discipline to sit still. We can’t give up on billions of people who need extra support! Music helps revert our racing thoughts to our breath, music can help us sit with our discomfort and allow the body to regulate through stillness and inaction”.

The new report follows Beatport’s special 24 hour ReConnect livestream last November, which also put the spotlight on mental health.

Download the report for free and access other related resources here.