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Beef Of The Week #435: Beefs Of The Year 2018

By | Published on Friday 21 December 2018


So, another year is all but over. Which means now is the time to look back and reflect on how bloody angry everyone was. Each week this column was filled with musical people shouting at each other. And what a joy it was.

Here we select ten of our favourite Beef Of The Week articles from the last twelve months. I’m sure you’ll all be pleased to know that – despite there being plenty of opportunity to include daft music-based quarrels over it – we’ve left all mention of Brexit out entirely. Let’s just forget about all that for a couple of weeks, eh? Maybe even forever.

So enjoy these, ten of the finest cuts of beef we could find in this year’s archive. The Beef Of The Week column will be going on hiatus in 2019. We’ve been doing this every week for eight full years now and it’s time for a rest. Plus, I have a really good feeling that everyone’s going to start getting along super well next year, making this column entirely redundant.

Anyway, here are the Beefs Of The Year…

19 Jan: Moby v Donald Trump
It’s been a weird year, politically. It’s been a weird few years, really. But we had an indication of how weird this year was going to get when Moby started claiming to have secret information about Donald Trump back in January. Information, he claimed, he’d been given by “active and former CIA members” specifically because he had a bigger social media following than them, so would be able to share it with more people. [Read full article]

2 Feb: Everyone v The Grammys
I had to double check that this happened this year, but it definitely did. It was in 2018 that Grammys boss Neil Portnow said that the main reason women hardly appeared at his big awards ceremony – as winners or performers – was because they weren’t trying hard enough. “Step up”, he said, “Fuck off”, they replied. [Read full article]

23 Feb: Fergie v The USA
Fergie’s attempt to jazz up the American nation anthem – hindered by the fact that she isn’t a jazz singer – was one of the year’s great joys. Not just because it’s fun to watch a line of basketball players trying not to laugh, but also because it provided an excuse to watch a load of other equally bad celebrity renditions of the song. [Read full article]

2 Mar: Mount Eerie v Autographs
Mount Eerie’s Phil Elverum doesn’t like signing autographs. As you would know if you’ve asked him for one recently, because instead of getting a speedy signature you would have been handed a 2733 word essay on why he’s just not that into them. I’ll pay good money to anyone who can get me a signed copy of it. [Read full article]

6 Apr: Louis Cut v Gravity
I’m not sure this really counts as one of the beefs of the year, but I’d completely forgotten about it and really enjoyed reading about it again. Also, having already warned you all of the perils of asking for autographs, we might as well cover the even more dangerous pastime of shaking the hands of your favourite music makers as well. [Read full article]

4 May: Police v Illegal raves
As the summer drew near, Gwent Police put together a handy guide for countryside dwellers to spot illegal raves being set up. The document also doubled as a handy guide for putting on a successful illegal rave. [Read full article]

15 Jun: Pusha T v A fox
Sure, everyone was talking about Pusha T’s beef with Drake this year. But Drake’s all anyone ever talks about. I’m so bored of Drake. Much more fun was Pusha T’s encounter with an angry fox while recording his latest album ‘Daytona’. Here we analyse the effect this incident definitely had on the album’s lyrics. [Read full article]

24 Aug: Nicki Minaj v Travis Scott (and his baby)
Lest we forget that this was the year the Nicki Minaj had so many beefs that one of them was with an actual baby. The baby of Travis Scott. With whom she also has beef. “I know that you guys are saying, me and baby Stormi have beef”, she said on her Beats 1 show. “Yes we do”. [Read full article]

16 Nov: Threatin v Europe
We couldn’t let this one slip by, even though I’m sure it’s still fresh in everyone’s minds. The story of the man who built a fake fanbase and then booked a tour hoping they’d turn up is one that will live on for many years. [Read full article]

14 Dec: Neil Young v Barclaycard
This was only last week, but oh man is it one of my favourites. Neil Young always delivers the goods. Some people would pull out of a show when they realised it was sponsored by a company that doesn’t align with their political beliefs. Instead, Neil Young convinced AEG to pull a whole day out of a festival, so his show could sit outside of those proceedings without bloody Barclaycard’s logo on the poster. [Read full article]

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