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Believe renews deals with Tencent and NetEase

By | Published on Friday 29 April 2022


Music distributor Believe has renewed its deals with the two players in the Chinese digital market, ie Tencent Music Entertainment and NetEase Cloud Music.

The new deals, reckons Believe, will “result in wider opportunities” for the company’s international clients, as well as the labels and artists it works with in China itself. Having entered the Chinese market in 2016 and further ramped up its activities there in 2018, Believe says that it now has “thousands of artists and hundreds of labels locally”.

Sylvain Delange, Believe’s MD for APAC, adds: “We are THRILLED to have renewed our deals with both TME and NetEase Cloud Music. China is one of the most domestic music markets in the world, with a strong consumption of local artists, by local audiences on local platforms, which could not be more aligned with Believe’s vision and core values of supporting local acts in their own markets”.

“I’m very excited by the opportunities these partnerships will unlock for our labels and artists”, he adds, “allowing them to reach new wider audiences, and very much look forward to growing our business in China even further in the future”.

Tencent operates various music services in China, including QQ Music, Kugou Music, Kuwo Music and WeSing, while the NetEase music service is its main competitor in the market. NetEase this week accused Tencent of ripping of its music and platform, so probably best for Believe to not celebrate these new deals by hosting a party for everyone involved.