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Best Buy to give away Gaga

By | Published on Friday 20 May 2011

Best Buy

Best Buy has announced a deal with Universal’s Interscope which will mean that anyone who buys a mobile phone from the US retailer next week will get a free copy of Lady Gaga’s new album ‘Born This Way’, whether they want it or not.

In fact, extra security guards are being shipped in to ensure that no mobile phone buyer leaves the store without a copy of the new record on their person, while a special chip in the phone will monitor whether the album is played once the shopper is at home; any customer who does not listen to it in its entirety at least twice will be given an electric shock every time they use their mobile.

Best Buy clearly means business here, and unlike some of Gaga’s other recent brand partners, it’s not only the gays they’re after. Though anti-capitalists in the online community have pointed out that Best Buy customers could probably circumvent the system by putting Madonna’s ‘Like A Prayer’ album on their stereos, it seems very unlikely even Best Buy’s technical whizzkids could develop a chip that could tell the difference.