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Beyonce to release new single today. Or a Pepsi advert. Or both

By | Published on Thursday 4 April 2013


A new album from Beyonce has been on the cards for some time now. We all know there’s a new record coming, she’s just being all coy about announcing it. But in these post-Bowie times I don’t think any of us can be doing with people being coy any more. Just tell us, right?

She did actually release some new music last month of course, two CMU Approved tracks ‘Bow Down’ and ‘I Been On’, but they were simply cast out into the world and left to fend for themselves. Album, Beyonce. Album. Tell us about the album.

Anyway, yesterday Beyonce thumped a video down onto YouTube. Being only six seconds long, it seems made for Vine, but it went on YouTube nonetheless. But let’s ignore that, because the clip seemingly contained information pertaining to an important announcement. We see Beyonce. We see her metal-clad hand. We see a close up of her face. Some music plays. A message appears: “4.4.2013 9AM EDT #BeyHereNow”.

Based on this information, the internet deduced that Beyonce would be announcing her new album tomorrow (that’s today now) at 9am EDT (that’s 2pm over here in the UK). Then we’d all be expected to tweet about it using the hashtag #BeyHereNow.

These seemed like fairly safe assumptions, but then Sony Music Ireland tweeted this: “FAB! Beyonce has just posted a teaser of her Pepsi TV spot for the campaign launching tomorrow at 2pm Irish time!”

Oh, right. I remember now. Beyonce did that deal with Pepsi last year. And now she’s on the corporate bandwagon we’re all supposed to be excited about her ‘creative’ efforts with the brand. There will be no new album. Only Pepsi.

Oh but wait, what’s this? A long forgotten tweet from Pepsi posted back when the deal was announced, which reads: “Beyonce will be featured in a new, global Pepsi commercial in 2013. The new advertisement will feature a single from her upcoming album”.

So, it seems we will get to hear Beyonce’s new single this afternoon. But we will have to pump our eyes full of Pepsi branding at the same time. Rumours that it will only be possible to hear the song while drinking Pepsi would be ridiculous and unbelievable if someone started spreading them (though that definitely is true).

[Update: Watch the video here.]