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Bieber hits brothel/bottle hits Bieber

By | Published on Tuesday 5 November 2013

Justin Bieber

So as you might’ve already learned to your horror – if not surprise – pop’s main manchild Justin Bieber – that’s nineteen year old Justin Drew Bieber – paid a flying visit to a Brazilian brothel last week.

Biebs, who was in Rio for a concert, is seen here trying to flee the scene in a bed sheet, hopefully a clean one. He is said to have spent three hours in the establishment, leaving with two women who were then ‘escorted’ to his hotel in SUVs.

Taking to Twitter in apparent denial that anything had happened, Biebs said in a since-deleted tweet: “Please stop believing rumors, they are just that; BS rumors, getting tired of it, no truth to them. Moving on now. Seriously moving on”.

I’d hardly call a photo of a boy who’s obviously Justin Bieber coming out of a known brothel a ‘rumour’, but what do I know? The whole Brazil trip, as in turns out, was a waste of time anyway, with Bieber storming off mid-show because someone threw a bottle at him. Here’s a video of it.

And finally, Justin has just released a new track as part of his #MusicMondays thing. Its name is ‘Bad Day’, which is presumably dedicated to all those working in the sex trade who’d rather not be.