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Billy McFarland says the funding is in place for Fyre Fest 2.0

By | Published on Thursday 18 May 2023

Billy McFarland

Fyre Festival founder and convicted fraudster Billy McFarland has announced that the funding is in place for a second edition of his infamous event. The plan being that this time the festival won’t collapse just as people start arriving. There’ll also be a Broadway show ahead of the festival itself. What could possibly go wrong?

McFarland was already teasing plans for future Fyre events on social media, including the Broadway show, which he is dubbing Fyre Fest 1.5. But earlier this week he announced that he now has business partners and funders in place for both the stage show and a full on Fyre Fest 2.0.

After announcing the basics on TikTok, McFarland spoke more about the plans on the Adam’s Apple YouTube channel. In an interview, he was adamant that a key objective of the new projects is to pay back everyone still owed money from the original debacle back in 2017, including people and businesses on the Bahamas where the original festival was meant to take place. ”They’re getting paid back and getting paid back, like, right now”, he declared.

That said, perhaps unsurprisingly, Fyre Fest 2.0 won’t be happening in the Bahamas, with another island yet to be announced set to host the proceedings.

As for the Broadway show, “instead of like traditional Broadway actors, it’s going to be current music artists, combined with the Broadway format of the play – making fun of me, but also I think sharing some of the good sides as well”.

I hope whoever has invested in all this has secured the documentary rights as part of their deal, given that might be the only thing of value to come out of the whole venture. But who nows, maybe it’ll be a super successful Broadway show come festival come who knows want adventure. Cheese sandwiches all round, I reckon.

Watch McFarland’s interview here: