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Bjork comments on show cancellations

By | Published on Tuesday 11 August 2015


Bjork has issued a statement of sorts after cancelling a number of upcoming festival shows, which were canned because of “a scheduling conflict beyond our control”, we were told last week. Though she did, in fact, perform her set at the Wilderness festival at the weekend. So hurrah for that.

Writing on the Facebooks, Bjork thanked the team who helped stage, and the audiences who enjoyed, her most recent shows, before adding: “Singing this album has been intense and the internal clock of it different to the other ones. It has sort of had to behave in its own little way. Both the urgency of the leak [of the record] and now this sudden closure for reasons beyond my control is characteristic of that”.

Addressing fans disappointed at the show cancellations, before looking ahead to the rest of the year, she went on: “I hope through the years I have earned enough tour karma points to get your support for this. I have started writing new songs and feel the best most natural pathway to go is to let this beast flow its natural course and start anew”.