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Black Midi to perform the songs of The Beatles at Le Guess Who? festival

By | Published on Wednesday 24 May 2023

Black Midi

Black Midi are set to perform at the Le Guess Who? festival in the Netherlands later this year. However, rather than their own songs, they will be playing nothing but the hits of The Beatles.

The one-off performance is part of a strand of the festival curated by Slauson Malone 1 – aka multidisciplinary artist Jasper Marsalis – and is intended to explore the unlikely intersection between the two bands.

“When listening to Britain’s cacophonous Black Midi, not many would be reminded of the world’s most agreeable band of all time”, says the blurb for the show. “In fact, apart from sharing a homeland, the two groups seem to have little in common. Thankfully, Le Guess Who? curator Slauson Malone 1 has enough imagination to disagree”.

“Looking closely, one can see why”, it goes on. “Beneath Geordie Greep, Cameron Picton, and Morgan Simpson’s tempestuous math rock lies a precious pop sensibility not too dissimilar from what can be heard on Lennon-McCartney records. Thus, a never-before-seen performance comes to life – as well as the chance to rediscover both bands”.

The performance is set to take place on 10 Nov in Utrecht, with the band insisting that it will not be repeated.