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Black Sabbath set to play reunion show in US too

By | Published on Monday 27 February 2012

Black Sabbath

While the planned Black Sabbath reunion tour has been rebranded as an Ozzy Osbourne solo outing, Sharon Osbourne has told VH1 Radio that one US show as Black Sabbath will still happen.

As previously reported, the reunited Black Sabbath have scaled back their live plans while guitarist Tommy Iommi receives treatment for cancer. The band will still play their headline set at the Download Festival, though, and are continuing work on a new album.

And, according to Ozzy’s manager/wife Sharon: “They’re gonna be doing one show in America this summer but I can’t say yet [where and when it is] because we can’t announce it, the promoters have to. But they are doing one show in August”.

Of course none of this is as yet involving the band’s original drummer Bill Ward, who is still embroiled in a contract dispute with the band’s management. If he does sign up, the new album will be the first featuring the original Black Sabbath line up since 1978. Though, again according to Sharon, the rest of the band have already sketched out fifteen new songs without him.