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Blanck Mass announces new album

By | Published on Thursday 12 January 2017

Blanck Mass

Blanck Mass, aka Fuck Buttons’ Benjamin Power, has announced that he will release his third album, ‘World Eater’, on 3 Mar.

“The title is a reference to the inner beast inside human beings that when grouped en masse stops us from moving forward towards good”, says Power.

“Being surrounded by so much hate in the world right now throws a whole new light on the importance of love”, he adds. “I have never set out to make a protest record. I’ve never set out to make any kind of record really, but during the creative process for this and any of my past releases I start to form a bond with the project as we grow together”.

“Fear and hope are both parts of our human make up”, he concludes. “But it’s the way that we act upon these feelings that is of concern to me – to understand the beast or to become the beast”.

Listen to the first single from the album, ‘Please’, here: