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Blue Raincoat signs Nick Drake catalogue

By | Published on Tuesday 19 January 2021

Nick Drake

Blue Raincoat Music Publishing – with its partner Reservoir – has signed a deal to represent the entire publishing catalogue of Nick Drake.

Drake died in 1974, aged 26, after recordings three albums: ‘Five Leaves Left’, ‘Bryter Later’ and ‘Pink Moon’. Although not widely recognised during his lifetime, his popularity has grown steadily in the intervening years. He has been highly influential for many other musicians, including REM, Paul Weller, Elbow, Beck and more.

“Nick’s career has so often swum against the tide”, says Cally Callomon, manager of Bryter Music, The Estate Of Nick Drake. “Working with Nick’s songs has always demanded and rewarded close attention and focus, so it was a relief to find that there are still a clutch of song publishers who have the time and dedication to concentrate on the subtleties and details that these songs deserve”.

“Blue Raincoat is one such, along with their American partners, Reservoir”, he goes on. “The fact that the company also owns the newly reformed Chrysalis is an added bonus. Chrysalis were once bed partners with [Drake’s label] Island Records and so this move will be like a return to the fold”.

Jeremy Lascelles, CEO Blue Raincoat Music, adds: “There are very, very few song collections that have meant more to me over the years, and my sentiments are clearly widely shared both within and without the artistic community. It is no mean feat to have written songs that are era defining but remain utterly timeless, but that is what Nick has left behind for us all”.

“His body of work has been so skilfully and lovingly curated by Cally and [Drake’s sister] Gabrielle over the years”, he continues, “and it is an unbelievable honour that Blue Raincoat Music have been chosen to continue that work alongside them into the future”.