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BMG announces deals with Sam Eldridge

By | Published on Monday 10 December 2012


BMG Chrysalis in the UK has announced two alliances with Sam Eldridge, perhaps best known for managing Plan B, and who was named Manager Of The Year at the Artist & Manager Awards earlier this month. Both deals are in the music publishing domain.

The first is linked to Merok Records, the label Eldridge runs will The Big Pink’s Milo Cordell, while the second will see Eldridge’s own management company, Urok, launch a publishing unit. Urok is a partnership between Eldridge and his father Roy, who has had a long career in the British music business, including at the original Chrysalis Music company.

Confirming the new publishing partnerships, which will see some immediate signings (American singer-songwriter Daughn Gibson to Merok and DJ/producer Gemini to Urok), BMG Chrysalis UK SVP Alexi Cory-Smith told CMU: “These signings demonstrate the range and potential of these joint ventures. Sam Eldridge is a hugely talented music executive who richly deserves the title of ‘Manager Of The Year’ and we are delighted to be working with him”.

Eldridge added: “BMG is the most dynamic and exciting publisher around today, combining the creativity of its indie heritage with a drive, focus and ambition to compete at the highest level. They have an amazing sync department which can allow smaller artists to become profitable quickly and maximise revenue for bigger artists. It is also genuinely international. We have spoken to every BMG office around the world and it’s clear they immediately get it”.