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BMG announces rejig at top of its UK business

By | Published on Tuesday 18 February 2020


BMG yesterday announced a well formed executive rejig that will see VP A&R Jamie Nelson and VP Marketing Gemma Reilly jointly steer the firm’s frontline recordings business in the UK. They will report into BMG’s UK President of Repertoire & Marketing, Alistair Norbury.

And now, because I know you lot are a bunch of untrusting cynical naysayers, here is that Norbury fella to prove that I’m telling the truth. “We are now the most successful UK record company outside of the three traditional majors”, says he. “A&R and marketing are the foundations upon which we consistently deliver for artists and outperform industry trends by maintaining robust physical sales while hitting new heights in streaming”.

See! Oh, hang on, he didn’t mention Nelson or Reilly in that quote, did he? But them jointly steering the firm’s frontline recordings business in the UK from this point onwards was definitely implied. Didn’t notice it? Well you’re a fool, it’s so definitely implied in there I don’t know what else he or I could have done to make that implication more obvious.

“Korda is a byword for good taste and achievement in A&R”, Norbury continues. Oh, hang on, Korda? What’s Korda got to do with anything? What the hell you talking about Norbury, this announcement is about Jamie and Gemma?! Oh, actually, that’s my fault. I’ve got another bit of BMG news to share, but got distracted by you being so fucking suspicious.

Korda Marshall will still have an A&R role at BMG, him having previously led the recordings side of the UK division ever since it bought the most recent iteration of his Infectious Music business five years ago. He will continue to A&R a bunch of BMG-signed artists including Morrissey. Which is very good of him. You’d think after three years of A&Ring Morrissey, Marshall would be due a very long vacation on a beach somewhere.

“We are delighted that five years after the acquisition of Infectious that Korda has agreed to extend his successful collaboration with BMG”, Norbury goes on. “We are privileged to have Gemma and Jamie at the helm whilst retaining the invaluable counsel of Korda Marshall”. Ah, finally Norbury mentions Jamie and Gemma, meaning we can wrap this story up.