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BMG moves into artist management

By | Published on Friday 6 December 2019


BMG has announced a move into artist management via a partnership with veteran American manager Carl Stubner and his Shelter Music Group business.

BMG already works with Shelter-managed artists like ZZ Top, Puscifer and A Perfect Circle on their songs and recordings, and is involved in a live project with Shelter and its client Mick Fleetwood.

Although, under the new alliance, which will see Shelter move into BMG’s Nashville offices, the management firm will retain its independence and continue to work with other labels and publishers too, depending on what is the best fit for each artist client.

Confirming the new deal and its move into management, BMG boss Hartwig Masuch said: “Carl Stubner is a force of nature and we are delighted to partner with him. As the lines blur between the services provided by labels and those provided by managers, it is inevitable that these previously separate parts of the business will come together. Ultimately we are both in the business of serving artists and have complementary interests. We believe that combining resources and expertise on certain projects will benefit artists”.

Stubner himself added: “BMG has created the first new music major of the streaming age. This is an opportunity not just to work more closely with the most innovative company in music, but also to build a new kind of management company with a presence in every significant music market. We have ambitions to move into both records and publishing with BMG and are already in advanced discussions to recruit other managers to join us”.