Boards Of Canada announce new album

By | Published on Tuesday 30 April 2013

Boards Of Canada

I’m sure you’re all aware of the hints that have been dropped lately that Boards Of Canada are planning to release a new album, their first since 2005? The lone record released for Record Store Day featuring 20 seconds of music, the second such release that followed later, the mysterious numbers, and all of that. Well now they’ve announced it, so that’s that.

The final clue came yesterday when someone ‘discovered’ that the series of six digit numbers that had been doing the rounds – on the two 20 second records that emerged, as well as from other sources – unlocked a website giving access to a lengthy, abstract video and (eventually) a pre-order link for the new album.

Anyway – skip to the end – the album is called ‘Tomorrow’s Harvest’, it’s out on 10 Jun via Warp, and this is its tracklist:

Reach for the Dead
White Cyclosa
Jacquard Causeway
Cold Earth
Transmisiones Ferox
Sick Times
Palace Posy
Split Your Infinites
Nothing Is Real
New Seeds
Come to Dust
Semena Mertvykh