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Bob Dylan still quiet on Nobel win, organisers warn he may lose prize money

By | Published on Wednesday 26 October 2016

Bob Dylan

This whole Bob Dylan Nobel Prize thing just keeps dragging on, doesn’t it? I think we established last week what Team Nobel need to do in order to get the man himself to acknowledge them giving him their Prize For Literature. But they’re still in a stalemate, with Dylan refusing to acknowledge his win.

In an interview with Swedish TV station SVT at the weekend, one member of the Swedish Academy, which chooses the winner of the prize, Per Wästberg, said: “I think it’s fair to say that his reaction so far has been rude and arrogant”.

With still no sign of whether or not Dylan plans to accept the award, it’s now being put about that he might not get his $900,000 prize money if he doesn’t fall into line. Which also seems a bit rude and arrogant, so at least everyone’s back on a level footing.

According to Reuters, in order to receive his cash, he must deliver a lecture “relevant to the work for which the prize has been awarded” no later than six months after 10 Dec, the anniversary of Alfred Nobel’s death.

“That is what we ask for in return”, said a spokesperson. “We are trying to find an arrangement that suits the laureate”.

That might mean that he could actually perform a concert, instead of giving a traditional lecture. And who wouldn’t like to go to Sweden and sing a few songs in return for almost $1 million. I’ll do it, if he’s not keen.