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Bodega release new single, Thrown

By | Published on Friday 21 January 2022


Bodega have released new single ‘Thrown’, taken from their new album ‘Broken Equipment’, which is out in March.

“‘Thrown’ was an attempt at a self-portrait track”, says the band’s Ben Hoize. “The older I get the less I trust my own thoughts and perceptions of self. I realise most of my values and judgments come from the records, films, books, and advertisements I have consumed my whole life”.

“Recognising this ‘thrown-ness’”, he goes on, “while slightly disturbing, has been a source of inspiration for my creative mind. If the mind can only output what has been presented, provide it with the proper input. You can remake yourself entirely at the drop of a (top) hat”.

The ‘inputs’ for the lyrics on this song, he then reveals, were James Joyce and Bob Dylan. “The music, to me”, he adds, “a synthesis of many of the stylistic motifs our group has developed over the past few years: syncopated bass over a slow-shifting sea of guitar harmonics, violent guitar spams with machine influenced but human-played drums; plus male [and] female vocals alternating between spoken text raps and melody”.

‘Broken Equipment’ is out on 11 Mar. Watch the video for ‘Thrown’ here: