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Bono was – so The Edge says – dressed “as a Hasidic Jew” when he crashed his bike

By | Published on Monday 8 December 2014


So, Bono is still resting up after his recent cycling accident, which means U2 have had to cancel some more engagements, including KROQ’s annual Almost Acoustic Christmas concert.

The Edge announced this during an interview with the US radio station last week – and we’ll get to that, I promise. But first I want to talk about something else. Because, also according to The Edge, the reason that we haven’t seen any bystander-snapped photographic evidence of Bono’s accident is because when he had his accident he was disguised in traditional Hasidic Jewish attire.

Is it OK to do that? Either disguise yourself in that particular outfit, or to claim that someone did as a joke? It seems like both of those things might be things that aren’t OK. Still, Thedge told ‘The Kevin & Bean Show’ that “when Bono goes cycling he likes to dress up as a Hasidic Jew”.

Anyway, talking more about the accident, he added: “It was a Sunday, a lot of people were in the park and he just wasn’t paying enough attention. He was going fast down a bit of a hill and somebody came out onto the cycle way, he swerved to avoid them and just went straight over the bars”.

Although they’ve cancelled their KROQ appearance, the band have still been doing some work in Bono’s absence, performing in Times Square last week as U2 Minus 1, with Chris Martin and Bruce Springsteen taking their usual frontman’s place. I’d image that was quite a treat for all involved.

You can listen to The Edge’s full interview here.