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Boos for Bieber as he takes to stage two hours late

By | Published on Tuesday 5 March 2013

Justin Bieber

Am I the only one starting to get worried about poor old Justin Bieber?

The pop teen garnered some boos from his audience at The O2 in London last night, and was on the receiving end of plenty of rage from the parents in the room (or patiently waiting outside) after he took to the stage two hours late.

And while Axl Rose can (just about) get away with the customary late arrivals, such slackness on the Bieber’s part causes many more problems because half his audience is relying on public transport to get them home, and the other half have mums and dads diligently waiting in the car park outside whichever shed he’s elected to sing in.

No explanations or apologies have been so far forthcoming from prolific tweeter Bieber regarding his late start, though The O2 has apologised twice via its feed on the micro-blogging platform.

Meanwhile one mother who was at the show with her daughter told Radio 5Live last night: “The support acts came on but they ran over until about ten to nine, and then we sat there until 20 past ten for Justin to come on. A few of the parents went up to the information desk to complain and they were saying there’s nothing they could do and that ‘It’s just Justin Bieber’s production team’. We said that was all well and good, but most of us have to get trains… it was just a shambles. I said we’ve really got to leave at ten to eleven to get the last train”.

Burn-up Bieber has three more shows to play at London’s telephonic Dome this week, it remains to be seen if he manages to meet the advertised 8.30pm start time for his set at any of those.