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Borland responds to criticism over Bizkit return

By | Published on Friday 20 February 2009

Wes Borland has responded to criticism from Limp Bizkit fans about his decision to return to the band literally days after saying that such a reunion was not on the cards.

As previously reported, he and Fred Durst announced last week that Borland would tour again with his former band, as well as starting work on a new album, after eight years away. The aforementioned fans are cross because Borland so recently criticised Durst’s songwriting skills, and said he preferred to be with his other band, Black Light Burns.

Borland says: “So I just log into the [Limp Bizkit] site and everybody is talking shit about me. That’s alright. Think what you want, but we are back, all five of us… And we’re gonna kill it, so start making some progress towards getting over it”, adding: “Fred and I are all good again. Period”.

He goes on to say that Back Light Burns are by no means over: “I want to assure everyone that this band had a lot left to do and the best is yet to come. We have a record to find a home for this year and as soon as we do, we are putting it out and suiting back up for more. Thanks again, and we will continue to update you here throughout 2009 with news as always”.