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Borland will not rejoin Limp Bizkit

By | Published on Friday 6 February 2009

Wes Borland has said that he has no plans to rejoin the other members of his former band Limp Bizkit, who, as previously reported, are currently working on new material.

The guitarist has split acrimoniously from the band not once but twice, first in 2001 and then again in 2004, after a brief reunion. He said that he is now enjoying working with his new band, Black Light Burns, too much to return to the Bizkit, and also took the opportunity to have a sly dig at Fred Durst’s frontman abilities.

Borland told “I have no plans on working with Limp again. It’s better for me, for sure. I’m having a great time doing [Black Light Burns]. I can write a song and know what it’s about and tailor the music about the intensity of the vocals. It all makes sense together, instead of random lyrics on top of music that sounds cool. It makes more sense”.

Black Light Burns recently released an album of covers, of which Borland said: “It was probably the most fun I’ve ever had making a record before. The hard part was done. The songs were written. So it was just having our take on the songs, having our way with the songs and having fun with it”.

“Some of them are more similar to the original. We didn’t change that much. And some of them are way different and those were the most fun – adding new parts and taking parts out and try to change them so it would sound like we wrote them, in a way”.