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Brian Harvey launches YouTube channel attacking music industry and News International

By | Published on Wednesday 14 January 2015

Brian Harvey

Brian Harvey has launched a new YouTube channel in order to vent his anger at both the music industry and the Rupert Murdoch controlled News UK (formerly known as News International).

His opening gambit is a 20 second video in which he smashes his East 17 platinum discs in an alleyway, saying “That’s what I think of your fucking music industry”. His second video showed him clearing up the mess created by that outburst, while a third gets more to the point of the channel.

Referencing the two ring binders he was seen brandishing outside Downing Street recently, and showing many more, Harvey says in the video: “So you only saw two ring binders, right? But I’m telling you there’s many. There’s many. There’s many. There’s not just a few … Bags of the stuff. Bags of it. So it’s not just about the two ring binders, yeah? It’s about this bloody stack of em. Yeah?”

In 2012, Harvey and his ex-wife Natasha Carnegie sued News UK over claims of phone hacking. Focusing on his grievances with the newspaper group, he continues: “The evidence what is in these ring binders is gonna prove to you that News International tell lies, and that they’ve wasted £100 million of the taxpayers’ money. And I’m not having that, especially as I’m caught up in it and they’re trying to tell people that I’m saying they stole money from me. It’s not about them stealing money from me, it’s about me having proof and them not wanting to recognise it. So, there you go. Bundles. Not fucking about”.

The video then closes with the caption: “THE TRUTH IS COMING”

As well as News UK, it seems likely that the music industry will receive further focus in later videos, following Harvey’s recent meeting with Labour MP Simon Danczuk. The two apparently discussed evidence of child abuse within the music industry gathered by the former popstar. So far that criticism is contained within a song apparently called, ‘Fuck That!’