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Brian Wilson bummed out by haters

By | Published on Thursday 12 June 2014

Brian Wilson

Brian Wilson is bummed out because a lot of people are bummed out about the guests he’s got on his new album.

Wilson revealed on his website (quoting a Rolling Stone article) this week that the former Beach Boy has enlisted country singer Kacey Musgraves, Zooey Deschanel, Lana Del Rey and possibly Frank Ocean to duet with him on the new record, which is currently in production. A lot of Wilson fans, it seems, think that someone of his stature shouldn’t lower himself to work with women and gays. Even if that’s not what they said, it’s what they were all thinking. Almost certainly.

Writing on Facebook, Wilson said: “It kind of bums me out to see some of the negativity here about the album I’ve been working so hard on. In my life in music, I’ve been told too many times not to fuck with the formula, but as an artist it’s my job to do that – and I think I’ve earned that right”.

He continued: “I’m really proud of these new songs and to hear these great artists sing on them just blows me away. I love what we’ve done. I would think that after making music for more than 50 years, my fans would understand that I’ll always do what’s in my heart – and I think that’s why you are my fans. So let’s just wait until the album comes out because I think you just might dig it as much as I do”.

Indeed. A veteran musician taking an interest in and working with younger artists is a good thing. Especially if these are co-writes – because it means the copyright in the song will likely last longer (song copyright terms being linked to the death of the last co-writer) – and that’s a nice nest egg to leave for future generations of Wilsons.

And it’s especially good if it means there’s someone on hand to stop a repeat of that time he tried his hand at ‘young people’s music’ without the help of anyone actually involved in it: