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Brian Wilson may retire from performing again

By | Published on Wednesday 11 May 2011

Brian Wilson

Brian Wilson has said that his upcoming shows in London at the Royal Festival Hall in September may be his last in the city. In a new interview he has said that he is considering quitting live performance as he feels he is too old to carry on much longer. He added that he also often finds touring difficult due to the anxiety and hearing of voices that he has suffered with for decades.

Speaking to the Evening Standard, Wilson said: “[Touring is] very hard work. I’m always afraid just before I go on stage because I’m not sure how the concert’s going to work. As I get older it gets harder for me, but when I’m sitting down at the keyboard and my band’s behind me, I can do it. [I’ll carry on for] another year, maybe. This could be the last time I play here [in London, though]. I’m going to miss it but I’m getting a little bit old for touring”.

Describing the voices he hears, he said: “What the voices say is still pretty much the same, negative things, ‘You’re going to die’, or, ‘You better watch out’, life-threatening kinds of things. Performing helps, but I’ll still have the voices there when I’m on stage. They’re always with me”.